: present WEAR A HELMET!!! | Video

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every bad things could happen without expected!!! SAFETY FIRST!!! i am really love with this video!!! thanks for remind us!

Now this is something I am sure many of you out there never ever expect to have happen to you, but the reality of it is that no body and I mean NO BODY EVER PLANS on stuff like this to happen. This footage was taken yesterday during a Sunday bike ride with a good friend of mine. We were approaching the intersection at a speed of at least 20mph + when a car who was supposed to yield to on coming traffic decided to turn and hesitate causing my friend to do his best to avoid her while also not going left into on coming traffic. The end result was definitely painful I can tell you that and my friend promised me to get a helmet after this. He walked away from this with some road rash to his face and a gash on his hand from going threw her back passenger window. In this case he is fortunate to walk away with minor injuries. As for his bike …… well let’s just say he is going to be needed a new bike as well hahahhaha !!! So I hope many of you out there realize weather your are mashing threw traffic or doing tricks that anything can happen and its not always about “LOOKING COOL” …. trust me you will look a whole lot “COOLER” with your brains inside your head. #YOUKNOWWAZGOOD –

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