Available Now ChainGoat and Wounded Logo Tees

wohooo… we really satisfy with the result of our new softgood!!!
ChainGoat and Wounded logo T-shirt is available now! go grab it guys!!!
we only release with minimum stock!

check all the detail inside this post!!!
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03/11/2013 · 7:01 am

SickSiders : Tour of south Thailand / Sungai Petani (Malaysia) – Koh Pahngan Island (Thailand)

got this news from sick siders crew! they already made some tour trip! i mean cross country trip!
they came from Malaysia and end the journey in Thailand.
and this is their route Sungai Petani, Kedah – Jira – Danok – Hat Yai – Songkhla – Ranot – Nakhon Si Thammarat – Donsak – Koh Pahngan Island, Thailand and almost 5++ km they traveled!
this trip is awesome!!! you can check another photos on below…
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Alphalab : Indra / Bar – Bar – Bar | Video

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/53974354 w=500&h=400]

got this cool edit from Alphalab
thank you so much for tagging us on your vimeo page bruh!!!

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Zlog x 19tooth HarbiteJaws Footstrap | Pre-Order

Go hit ZLOGBTQ to make some preorder ZLOG x 19tooth HardbiteJaws Footstrap!

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

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Alphalab : STREET HARD PEOPLE | Video

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/52012651 w=500&h=400]

STREET HARD PEOPLE. Bored Working on craft And flush them with flat ground in this edit. Indonesia just not lot park, and think how to optimize play on the Flat Ground. And this is style indonesia FGFS. Enjoy the Street Hard People..
credit : ALPHALAB alphalabcrew.com/ .TTV ttvblog.com/ .FIXIEFAMOUS fixiefamous.com/
Rider : Indro, Adityo, Nonok, Bredes, Agam , Rama

another great video from TheShargodit via Alphalab

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FixedDrunk : Terserah | Video

SONG : ANDECA – ANDECI (Warkop DKI) “Warung Kopi Prambors-Volume 1”, sound recording administered by: PT. Aquarius Musikindo
RIDER : Wiwin,Tony,Ajie

We’re just having fun,We don’t care who sees

go skid on here for know who is Fixed Drunk or reach FixedDrunk on twitter @fixeddrunk

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Zlog : Sticker Decal

Grab it at ZLOGBTQ now!!!
ready for gold and black color sticker decal!

Zlog Decal Sticker

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Out Now!!! 19tooth HARDBITEJAWS Footstrap

after waiting for some time for test drive, finally released for everyone
who love riding fixed gear more safety, we introduce our new product!
HARDBITEJAWS Foot Strap Retention System.

Made from heavy duty wide strap, the strap have actual size 5,8 CM for wide.
and adjustable size for fitting your foot/shoes size.
Using 2,5 CM heavy duty tubular strap for bottom strap make this strap stronger and sturdy.
Our custom cutting metal buckle help the foot strap to direct into the perfect shape.

please check all the picture below for complete view of the HARDBITEJAWS Foot Strap. Continue reading

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Alphalab : GAME OF F.G.F.S | Video

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/50252118 w=500&h=400]

wohoooo… i really love this video!!!

source : Alphalab

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19tooth x Alphalab

Dedicate for all to contribute movement indonesia bicycle,
we will conspiracy to give atmosphere. believes Unity, equal & freedom is the path agreement.
comming soon…


YEAH!!! another collaboration for HardbiteJaws Footstrap with ALPHALAB!
ALPHALAB is one of the best frame builder from Bandung, West Java – Indonesia.
and HardbiteJaws Foot Strap is our new FRS, it will be release on next month!
miss prediction from our promise before. but we will do the best for this up coming moment!!!

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