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Anggraserigala : Nindi’s Slider on progress | Video

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34280978 w=500&h=400]

Source : AnggraSerigala on Vimeo

this is FIRST QUICK EDIT about female FGFS rider on surabaya…
yes…the first!!! thanks god you blessing anggraserigala with a beautiful girl… i mean nindi 🙂
she’s an announcer, friendly, and trust me, u will confuse with her words on twtitter! that’s always make me laughing 😀
thank you so much for nindi and anggra for this edit!  keep up the good work guys!
this is totally awesome!!!

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Weekend RoadRunner Surabaya Series Report…


AlleyCat Local Winner


AlleyCat Visitor Winner


AlleyCat Ladies Winner


Long Skid Competition Winner

Track Stand Competition Winner


Trick Competition Winner

The Team Event

Finally we have finished this page, we have a lot photos from Pandu.
at the moment, we really enjoy the event, we meet new friends from another city and have make some a deal with a couple rider :).
and this a little bit of info from Weekend Road Runner Surabaya Series.

AlleyCat Local
1. Bovie (28)     1.40.27
2. Arief Rachman (4)    1.40.45
3. Hari (14)    1.43.01

AlleyCat Visitor
1. Ige (26)     1.45.31
2. Chika (73)     1.54.50

AlleyCat Ladies
1. Prytta (38)

Long Skid Competition
1. Danny
2. Satya

Trackstand Competition
1. Donki
2. Gia

Trick Competition
1. Galih     838 pts.
2. Sony SlyFix    730 pts.
3. Herry SlyFix     700 pts.

find another info or photos on :
Surabaya Fixed Gear
South Beach Queen

all photos by Pandu.

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Dignity Bike : WORK HARD RIDE HARD !!!

totally awesome!!! thank you so much for DiamondGreaser

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surabaya weekend roadrunner poster


skid on here for another info surabayafixedgear

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bike check : Nessa

coolest frame functions, u can open the bottle beer from head tube 😀

skid on here for another info

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