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Zlog x 19tooth HarbiteJaws Footstrap | Pre-Order

Go hit ZLOGBTQ to make some preorder ZLOG x 19tooth HardbiteJaws Footstrap!

I am happy to officially announce the release of the ZLOG x 19TOOTH Hardbite straps. I’ve been testing out a pair for several months to make sure they were up to snuff and they completely exceeded my expectations. They worked so well I decided to collaborate and make a small batch to sell to the public. They are scheduled to arrive in a week, but I have a Pre Order up at ZLOGBTQ.COM. Go grab yourself a pair, because like everything else I make, they are limited.

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Out Now!!! 19tooth HARDBITEJAWS Footstrap

after waiting for some time for test drive, finally released for everyone
who love riding fixed gear more safety, we introduce our new product!
HARDBITEJAWS Foot Strap Retention System.

Made from heavy duty wide strap, the strap have actual size 5,8 CM for wide.
and adjustable size for fitting your foot/shoes size.
Using 2,5 CM heavy duty tubular strap for bottom strap make this strap stronger and sturdy.
Our custom cutting metal buckle help the foot strap to direct into the perfect shape.

please check all the picture below for complete view of the HARDBITEJAWS Foot Strap. Continue reading

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19tooth x Alphalab

Dedicate for all to contribute movement indonesia bicycle,
we will conspiracy to give atmosphere. believes Unity, equal & freedom is the path agreement.
comming soon…


YEAH!!! another collaboration for HardbiteJaws Footstrap with ALPHALAB!
ALPHALAB is one of the best frame builder from Bandung, West Java – Indonesia.
and HardbiteJaws Foot Strap is our new FRS, it will be release on next month!
miss prediction from our promise before. but we will do the best for this up coming moment!!!

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COMING SOON : HardbiteJaws FootStrap

finally we was came out with our new product!!!
yes, we have made HardbiteJaws Foot Strap Retention system.
we was send some pairs to Seattle and Stockton for test the strap maybe 2 weeks ago.
this product will out to market on early July 2012.
using 5,5cm heavy duty polypropylene with actual size 5,7cm for weight strap.
and using 2,5cm polypropylene tubular webbing for bottom strap.
we add gold black embroider woven for our brand, it’s make the strap look really cool!
and came out with variation color for the strap!

we will update the detail picture very soon!!!
keep on shredding with us guys!!!

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