KrisLockedCog : Tommyknockers | Video

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

Source : Kris LockedCog on Vimeo

Post here:

Some stuff filmed during two Saturday seshes and a couple hours before this went together. Nothing way crazy but these clips come from me being stoked on fixed tricks more than I have been in a while. Having too much fun lately and this stuff is the result. Enjoy.

Also, I’m aware the indian giver looks like shit. Those footy 180s are oppo though and eventually I had to give it up when my wrists were blown. Haven’t gone back to do it proper and didn’t want to waste the clip!

Special thanks to Anthony Hernandez and Brian Morrison from Toro for filming and Alex Rodriguez for filming/editing.

Canon T3i
Canon 60D
Iphone 4s

Pay To Cum – Bad Brains

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