OneTwoTrick : Galang Bike Check

finally, this is our first local full bike check.
galang from OneTwo Trick send me some email for his bike check…
here we go… lets we see another picture on this page.

-Frame Cinelli Ottomilauno raw “24” full chromoly w/colombus offroad tubing
-Fork 19tooth sharkattack
-Handlebar Gusset Wharf
-Stem Eighthinch
-Grip We The People Rhombus
-Sadio Fatboy Seat
-Crank GT Fly tubular chromo 165mm
-36t Profile Imperial Sprocket
-United Pedal
-Holdfast Strap
-Rims Alexrims SX44
-Maxxis Innertube
-Wandaking 26×1.75tire
-Front Hubguard 2D BMX
-Mexel Hub
-Salt Cold Peg (Front 10mm Rear 14mm)
-Headset FSA ZS-3

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